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In vain have you acquired knowledge, you have not imparted it to others. – Deuteronomy Rabbah

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It’s a way to achieve immortality. – Dalai Lama

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I do not know what you have received.


Always remember sometimes it’s ok if the only thing you did today was breathe.

Travel Notes

Students Who Dream Of Traveling Need To Read This First

Travel Advice for Students Travel Tips World journeyis feasible at any age. However the most effective time to journey is while you’re younger. Here are some ideasfor college kids who need tobegintouring as quickly as potential. The different day I obtained an e-mail from a younger reader. Like many [...]

An Insider’s Information to Sicily, the Jewel of the Mediterranean

  Uncover the isle of Sicily Gbarm / Thinkstock The most important island within the Mediterranean, Sicily boasts dramatic coastlines and rugged interiors which are soaked in dazzling sunshine many of the 12 months. Many guests follow Sicily’s seaside resorts, however there may be a lot extra t [...]

The place to go on vacation in December 2016

The place will you spend your Christmas 2016? Nadezhda1906 / Thinkstock Within the immortal phrases of Ned Stark, “Winter is coming”. Because the nights are drawing in, you’re your remaining vacation allowance and asking simply the place precisely to go along with 4 and a half days?! We are saying, [...]

The Finest Clubs For Individuals Who Do not Like Clubbing

Joyful exuberance has turn out to be elrow’s signature Artistic Commons / Heribert Gallardo Bored with BPM-obsessed bores, queue-jumping liggers and fascist safety? In search of a brand new clubbing expertise? David Hillier explores ball swimming pools, bondage gear and spa events to search out the [...]

Lifestyle Tips

6 Easy Rituals To Attain Your Potential Each Day

Changing into and staying productive is not about hard-to-follow packages or logging your each transfer in an app. It is about self-care. Listed here are each day to-dos to get you began. Six ideas sufficiently small to suit on a Publish-it be aware, however large enough to vary your life.   [...]

The 5 Step Beginner Guide to Change Life Habits

5 Steps to Changing Life Habits Hereby I will summarize the earlier postings and elaborate a bit on 5 simple steps you could be taking to start changing your life habits. These are the things I have been doing to move forward to exit the endless loop of procrastinating. Hope it will help me and any [...]

  • Be a Goal Achiever

8 Steps to become a Goal Achiever

How to become a Goal Achiever Many of us probably already read and know some or a lot about how to attain your goals. However due to different reasons we did not or have not apply them in our jobs or things we are doing in our life yet. I hope you will hear me out a little and in hopes that it can motivate you to be positive and continue what you planned and started on. Together let's move on to achieve our goals.

  • Don't Stop

Stop Procrastination

Learn about Procrastination Have you ever thought about doing something and end up giving yourself an excuse saying there are too much things to do, too many direction are given. In the end nothing was none? How to get to what you really want to do in life? Basically everything is about stopping procrastination and finding the thing you really love doing. We are often distracted by all the noises caused (negative feedback) by family members, friends everyone around us and that includes our inner voices. These cause us to lose our focus very easily and give up or give in to whatever we were supposed to be doing.